20th Anniversary Lodging

Celebrating 20 years of DesignBuildUTAH

Accommodation Information

For those attending with pets

Participants are welcome to bring their pets with them to the event venue. During the event, we ask that you keep your pets on a leash at all times. Please be aware that pets are not allowed inside the campus buildings.

For those staying at hotels, please note that overnight pet care is not available on campus, so we recommend booking a pet-friendly hotel.

For those who choose to camp, you are welcome to set up tents within the campus grounds and stay with your pets overnight.

Lodgings at the Event

Our event venue, equipped for construction projects and camping, features shared facilities including two showers and two toilets, ensuring a comfortable environment for all. Please note that there are no washing machines on campus or at the event location, so attendees will need to use the laundry facilities in Bluff town.

For information on nearby hotels, please visit:

Dining and Kitchen Facilities

At the event, you can purchase meal tickets, which provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy delicious meals and the opportunity to socialize with fellow participants.

For those without meal tickets, we have a simple outdoor kitchen available on campus, allowing you to enjoy meals together with the instructors. We encourage a potluck style of dining, so please bring your favorite dishes to share and delight in communal feasting.

If you’re camping on campus, please bring mostly non-perishable food items due to limited fridge space.

Further details on the potluck dishes required will be communicated via email to those who have purchased meal tickets. It’s a great chance to incorporate your food items and recipe ideas into a varied and enjoyable dining experience.

Through shared meals, we aim to deepen communication and interaction among attendees, making for a fun and memorable experience. Look forward to it!