20th Anniversary Main Event

Celebrating 20 Years of DesignBuildUTAH

Main Event

"Don-Don Den-Den" Creation Space Construction Project

Join us in celebrating our 20th anniversary with the inauguration of a new space of creativity called “Don-Don Den-Den,” right in the heart of Bluff! This event is all about bringing exhilarating experiences to life with activities that everyone can enjoy together.

🌀 Let’s Expand the Excitement Together!
The “Don-Don Den-Den” project aims to build a place where people congregate, and ideas whirl and expand continuously – much like the rhythm of a drum attracting one and all, or the leisurely spread of a snail’s swirl… that’s the concept we’re bringing to life.

Highlights of the Commemorative Event:

Buzzing Creative Activities: Feel the charm of coming together to create a fun space for everyone.

Sculpture Garden: Be surrounded by nature and art pieces that inspire.

Public Space: Relax in a park where the community gathers, and soak in the easy-going atmosphere. Let’s infuse Bluff with fresh energy together!

Event Details

Dates: March 22, 2024 – April 4, 2024

Location: Town of Bluff, Utah, USA

🎊🌀 The new symbol of creation in Bluff, “Don-Don Den-Den,” takes flight! Through this fantastic experience and creative activities, let’s build a new community space together!

🌱 Thrill of the Project

This collaborative project is led by local artist Joe Pachak and architect Kinya Maruyama from Japan. Participants will work together, following the guidance of visiting leaders and drawing from the community members’ knowledge. Using locally sourced materials, the project will come to life over two weeks.

📜 What is “Don-Don Den-Den”?

“Don-Don Den-Den” represents the sound of a whirl and the way people gradually get involved and drawn into the action. It’s also likened to the shape of a snail, illustrating not a frenzied whirl but a leisurely, enjoyable expansion.

🎨 Plastering Demonstration

We’ll host a demonstration by the world-renowned plasterer, Naoki Kusumi, whose technique is rooted in ancient practices yet harmonizes the natural world with human creativity.

Want to be part of this exciting event? Simply click on the link to purchase a 1-day pass, and you’re welcome to join us anytime on the chosen day.

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Come and help us create a vibrant new space in Bluff, engage in cultural exchanges with the community, and make lasting memories.

We’re eager to see you there! 🌳✨